A New Year

Happy New Year!

What do you get when you take six people in the community who are keen to cook a bit extra now and again, stir in three people who could benefit from some delicious home made food and infuse with a few texts and calls to help them mingle?…

Casserole of course!

A Casserole Cook, preparing a delicious Casserole

The last couple of weeks of our trial went down scrumptiously – by the end of 2011, we had 4 Diners and 22 Cooks signed up, out of which 3 Diners and 6 Cooks (chosen based on location) took part in our live trial.

In just 14 days, our brilliant participants managed to share seven delectable meals, and helped spark 5 new relationships with people in the community who didn’t previously know one another – one pair are even planning to meet up again for tea!

Thanks to everyone who has taken part in the trial, as well as everyone we’ve spoken to so far, we’re learning a whole lot about how Casserole can best work as it continues to grow and what we need to do to make it a true success.

With that in mind, our next couple of blogs will be all about sharing what we have learnt so far and how this is helping us to shape and build Casserole over the next few months. The trial in December was done without much technology, with just one person coordinating everything (from introducing Diners and Cooks to signing people up and matching them), but we think that the miracles of well designed technology will help to improve the Casserole experience further.

With the community at the heart of Casserole’s development, we want to make sure you stay involved and up to date with everything going on at Casserole HQ, and with that in mind, we also invite you to Casserole’s Lunch and Learn event at Warwick School in Redhill on Saturday 28th January, 2012 where we will be sharing the latest news about the future of Casserole, premiering the latest Casserole video, and hearing from the Cooks and Diners who took part in the trial about how Casserole could benefit them. Bring along your favourite recipe to trade at our Recipe Exchange, learn a trick or two for a tasty and fast weeknight meal at a Cooking Demonstration and finally, bring along a dish to share for a great big communal lunch! Let us know if you are coming along to the event by signing up here

To help promote the event, we will be showing up at Redhill Market on Saturday 21 January, 2012 – once again bringing along some tasty treats and telling more and more people about Casserole (if any of you handy bakers are interested in making anything for the market stall, please get in touch!).

So keep watching this space for more details about exciting upcoming plans, our lessons learnt so far, and to find out what the future of Casserole might look like. And don’t forget to sign up and come along to our Lunch and Learn event in Redhill. 

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