Creating a Meal to Share

A site and service like Casserole depends on the energy and activity of its members to make it thrive. It’s so exciting to see new names cropping up on the site, but now, why not take things one step further?

Once you are signed up, and after such a jubilant weekend, there is no better time to cook up a meal to share with someone in your community!

Sharing a meal is simple:


Click Cook a Meal (found on your Dashboard and at the top of each page when you are logged in).

If you have already created a dish, select it from the drop down menu, or click Create a New Dish to add to your cooking repertoire and fill in some details about what you are cooking. Once you have finished creating your dish, it will be added to your personal roster of dishes – whenever you want to cook it again, it’ll be right there in the drop-down menu!

When it comes to charging for your dish, it’s entirely up to you. You can choose to be reimbursed for the cost of your meal by setting the price at what it cost you to make the dish, or you can choose to serve it up for free, whichever you prefer. We want to make sure that cooking for Casserole isn’t a burden – so if getting a bit back on the cost of your meal means that you are more willing and able to share our extra portions, go for it! You will also notice that we add 20% to what you decide to charge – this 20% goes straight back into keeping Casserole running and helps with things like tech development, campaign and welcome packs and running local events.


Once a dish is created and selected, just set the date, time, and how many portions you will have available.

When you are happy with all your details, click Finish – Your meal will appear on your neighbours’ local menus, letting them know you are cooking!

There you have it! Now there is no excuse – if you are planning to cook up something tasty, and have some to spare, put it up on the site and see who in your area wants a bite!

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