Love Food Surrey

Did you know that this summer, Surrey residents are set to throw away an Olympic sized swimming pool worth of salad? Or that every day, the same residents could fill a double decker bus with binned bread?

Surrey County Council’s Love Food Surrey Campaign is on the mission to raise awareness about just how much food we waste in our daily lives, and help provide people with helpful tips, tools and tricks to reduce the amount you throw out, and save you money in the process. The programme is run by Surrey Waste Partnership, which includes the County Council, and the 11 district boroughs within the council, working together to help better manage the area’s waste.

The Love Food Surrey site features plenty of useful information and features to help you plan and manage your food better. There are recipes for optimising your leftovers or slightly tired ingredients, a meal planner to help you shop smarter (which could potentially save you up to £50 a month!), and facts and figures on just how much food we waste and what effect that has on the environment, waste services, and our own purses.

There are plenty of simple, easy things we can do to help reduce the amount of food we throw away (including sharing those extra portions on Casserole!), so have a look at  Love Food Surrey to see what you can do in your own home to fill a few fewer double decker buses next month!

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