We’re in the Times!!

We’re literally jumping in our seats surrounded by a flurry of emails, tweets, facebook messages and more thanks to an absolutely wonderful article written by Kaya Burgess in The Times today!

Sandwiched in between Caitlin Moran and Andrew Llloyd Webber on the homepage!

We were lucky enough to be highlighted as one of the projects in the Technology Strategy Board’s Tomorrow Together programme – which is working to start conversations and support innovative ideas to help people stay independent for longer. The article follows one of our star Pair Ups – Natasha and Beryl – as Natasha cooks up a beautiful looking chicken and tarragon casserole (check out that top picture – it looks like it should be in a cookbook!), and delivers it round to Beryl, both talk about their reasons for joining Casserole and the friendship that’s sparked from their meals.

The perfect casserole model

We’ve been working hard in the Reigate and Banstead area with the help of both Reigate and Banstead Council and Surrey County Council, and will soon be expanding to get more communities involved in Casserole – the responses from people who want to share a meal have come from every corner of the UK today, which is beyond what we’d expected and hoped for. It means so much to hear people’s support and passion for the project, and to encounter people who believe as strongly as we do that Casserole can make a difference.

So please! Grab your copy of The Times today and check us out in Times2 – or if you have a subscription, check it out online. Don’t forget to try out our very own Casseroler, Natasha’s tasty Chicken and Tarragon Casserole recipe as well!

2 thoughts on “We’re in the Times!!

  1. Hi there, I am writing a book commissioned by the older people’s charity Independent Age. The book is for older people and advises ways on reducing loneliness and isolation. I’d love to talk to you about the casserole club – who uses it and why? Is it something older people benefit from and can they also be the food makers? What a wonderful idea! Please do email me on address above and let me know who I should contact to find out more. I will credit/promote any info I use and there will also be a major contacts section at the back of the book.

  2. Hi Susan,

    I’ll send you across an email in a sec, but we’d be more than happy to chat to you further. At the moment, it is mainly older people who don’t generally cook for themselves who get involved, although you are very right – one of our most active members is a retired nurse!


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