Are YOU a Casseroler?

Do you find yourself filling up your fridge with leftovers, which you eventually throw away anyway?

Do you think an elderly neighbour would appreciate a home cooked meal more than your bin would?

Do you ever wish there was a networking site that could link you up with said older people?

Or do you just love cooking?

If you answered “Yes” to any (or all) of these questions, then Casserole Club is for you.

We find elderly neighbours in your borough who may not be able to cook for themselves anymore, or find it extremely difficult, who would love to meet up with you and share a portion of your leftovers.

There is no set number of hours or days you have to spend with your neighbour.  You can drop off your leftovers once a month, say hello then leave; that’s fine.

Or you can, like the majority of our existing Cooks, bring your elderly neighbour a meal about once a week, sit down, have a chat, and form genuine friendships!

So, go on.  Sign up, it’s easy!

Why not? Try it once and if you decide it’s not for you, then we understand. But if you end up loving it, like we do, won’t you be glad you tried it?

(The answer is yes, you will!)

We are currently operating in the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Barnet, and Reigate & Banstead, but if you sign up in your area you will receive an email letting you know when we are live in your borough.

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