5 Tips to Make the Most of Christmas Markets

Casserole Club Christmas Markets

As you may have noticed, Christmas has begun for Team Casserole. The #CasseroleChristmas campaign has seen loads of people from across the UK pledge to share their a portion of their Christmas food with an older neighbour this boxing day.

Last Sunday, to help spread the Christmas cheer, the Barnet community joined Team Casserole to sign up as new Cooks and get people sharing their Christmas leftovers. It was great to meet the people of Barnet and spread some Christmas cheer on a cold December day.

Because, you know what they say: it’s simply not Christmas time until you’ve been to the High Barnet Christmas Fayre!

So, we thought we’d share our top tips for making the most of Christmas markets if you’re running a stall this year and so you know what to expect if you spot us at a Christmas market near you.

1. Be Prepared: Bring along Santa’s Little Helpers

Casserole Club Christmas Markets

No, that’s not a real elf. But it can help to have some friendly helpers (ideally at least 3) to man your stall and encourage people to come over to find out more about Casserole Club. And we’ll definitely be watching Elf on Channel 4 this Christmas (a great British tradition).

2. Stand Out From the Crowd: Wear a stylish hat and a bright orange megaphone

Casserole Club Christmas Markets

Even an elf flown all the way in from the North Pole might not be enough to get people’s attention, especially in a busy Christmas market. That’s why it can be useful to have a helping hand in the form of a rather attractive chefs hat and orange megaphone.

3. Stickers Are Great: But understand you can’t make everyone happy

Casserole Club Christmas Markets

Despite wearing the very sought after Casserole Club sticker, this little one is not impressed with how easy it is to help out an older neighbour this Christmas through Casserole Club. Her mum looks like she’s having a great time though, so hopefully she’s signed up as a cook and will be sharing a portion of good, home cooked food with a neighbour in the next few weeks.

4. Try out different ways of approaching people to find one that works

Casserole Club Christmas Markets

We’ve experimented with different ways of getting people over to our stall. From a map of diners in the nearby area, to a “pin the nose on the reindeer” game, we tried out lots of different incentives for get people’s interest. And it worked! For example, this lovely lady is signing up to Casserole Club. We’ll be emailing her this week to match her with an older neighbour near her and she’ll be warming the heart of one of our diners very soon.

5. A smile is always welcome on a cold day

Casserole Club Christmas Markets

At the Christmas market,  125 Cooks signed up to Casserole Club, which is pretty amazing and why our team have big smiles on their faces. But we reckon we can smash that this week.

This Saturday we’ll be at East Finchley, and you have the chance to meet one of Santa’s ACTUAL REINDEER (they can’t tell us which one for security reasons, Blitzen is quite the celeb these days after the Justin Bieber episode).

So hope to see you on Saturday 7 December 2013 at the East Finchley Christmas market. But if you can’t make it along, make sure you find out more about the #CasseroleChristmas campaign and sign up to Casserole Club.

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