How you can make #WinterWarmer for older people across the UK


Research from Age UK shows that people more than 50% of those over 80 years of age in the UK are lonely. This same research also suggests that malnutrition amongst older people is increasing. It is estimated that 1.3 million people aged over 65 suffer from malnutrition, which most of the time is preventable.

That’s why Casserole Club are calling on people across the UK to pledge to share a portion of good home-cooked food with an older neighbour this winter.

We want you to get involved and help make #WinterWarmer.

Casserole Winter Warmer Quote

You don’t have to cook a meal for an older neighbour, though it is one of the ways you can help. Calling round on an older neighbour or family member in the long dark evenings, offering to pick up the newspaper or shopping if it’s cold and icy out, or simply pick up the phone and see how they’re doing – just some ideas of how you can make winter warmer.

And don’t think that our diners (as we like to call them) will just sit back and take your cooking. They’ll make #WinterWarmer for you with their glowing welcome, warming friendship and overall good company.

Casserole Winter Warmer Quote

Take 92 year old Janet Oran, from Tamworth in Staffordshire, for example. She’s been regularly having meals prepared for her by Clare Bradford, when the pair were matched up as part of Casserole Club.

“This is a really nice project and I’m so glad I signed up to it. I don’t see as many people as I used to, so the visit from Clare every Wednesday with the dinner is great.  She is very friendly and always stays for about half an hour so we can have a good chat about what’s going on in the world.  Clare’s meals are lovely and it’s so nice to have one cooked for you.  I don’t mind doing myself a sandwich but cooking a hot dinner is getting more difficult for me and not really worth it when there’s only me.” – Janet, Casserole diner

“I think Casserole Club is a great project and it’s such a simple idea. I love cooking, but I always cook far too much so it makes so much sense to share any extras with people who aren’t able to cook for themselves. It also saves just eating the extra portions yourself just so you don’t waste them!” – Clare, Casserole cook

You can find lots more stories like this over on this new page that describes the story of a Casserole Club meal share.

The Casserole Club team will be sharing more ways you can help on the Casserole Club website, Facebook page and Twitter feed using the hashtag #WinterWarmer.

Join the campaign at and help make #WinterWarmer.

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