Job Opportunity: Be the beating heart of Casserole Club

Casserole Club Volunteers Week

Do you love food, your community and technology? Are you a born communicator – online, offline, face-to-face and the written word? If so, we need you to grow, support and develop the Casserole community.

You’ll be in regular contact with our cooks, diners and clients, travelling around the UK helping to kickstart Casserole across the country and possibly beyond. Working with an excellent team you’ll feed your discoveries into the ongoing development of the product and service we offer.

  • Term: Full time, 6 months contract (including 6-week probation), with the hope of a meaningful extension
  • Location: Casserole HQ is in London, near the Barbican. But you could be based down here or anywhere between London and Liverpool (travelling to London a couple of days a week, with the gift of a Casserole Club rail pass!)
  • Start Date: We are ready when you are… but very soon would be good
  • Salary: £20-25,000 (depending on experience)
  • Closing Date: Monday 22 December 2014

Read the job description and if you fancy your chances, email [email protected] with a CV and covering letter, or email [email protected] if you have any further questions.


Casserole Club Community Organiser


You will be the beating heart of FutureGov’s Casserole product. Working with local community groups and organisations you will help get people signed up to Casserole Club, and you will be a point of contact for our cooks and diners, answering their queries, supporting matching them up, and checking things are going well.

As we work with councils you will be helping them provide excellent customer service to cooks, diners and local organisations, training them in Casserole’s high quality standards and giving them the confidence to run the service.

Your job will be to help councils gather a local Casserole movement, advising on community engagement techniques and leading by example. You will feed what you learn back into the overall Casserole development process, translating from our customers into changes to the product.


  • Experience as a community organiser, convener, or similar
  • Experienced at innovative community engagement in a range of formats e.g. market stalls, workshops
  • Experienced at using social media for organising large groups toward action
  • Experienced at training and leading others in community engagement practice


  • Bright, lively and sociable: a natural connector and mobiliser
  • Able to talk to anyone and make them feel comfortable – from our older diners to our younger cooks
  • Able to communicate well with local community groups and make connections in a local area
  • Organised, methodical, professional: able to manage and coordinate large and complex events
  • Unflappable
  • Flexible and adaptive in your approach: able to work your way around obstacles
  • Confident on the phone
  • Excellent at written communication, especially on social media
  • Willing to use and learn a range of digital tools in your work


  • Community organising – getting people engaged and enthused to be part of a movement
  • Creating a program of engagement activities and supporting councils to make them happen
  • Sharing your knowledge, understanding and community contacts with councils to help them get Casserole off the ground
  • Training local organisations and councils in the high customer service standards of Casserole and helping them implement them in their locality
  • Offering ongoing excellent customer service to existing cooks and diners
  • Feeding into the overall development process of Casserole to make sure the voice of our customers is heard


Casserole Club is part of FutureGov. We are a tight team and want you to be willing to pitch in with other projects, work and events.

If you fancy your chances, email [email protected] with a CV and covering letter. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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