Casserole celebrates four months in Australia by appearing on national radio

Casserole Club began in Australia four months ago, but sometimes it feels like much longer ago given all the great support the project has had from people all the way from Melbourne to Tassie to Perth to Queensland – basically all the way around Australia!

While we’re still trialling in the local Victorian Government areas of Moreland, Boroondara and Macedon Ranges we’re hoping to set up in other parts of the State, and country, soon. Get in touch if you’d like to see Casserole in your local area.

It’s been fantastic to get to know all of our cooks and diners over the last few months. Here are some links so you can share some of the great stories about people sharing meals and getting to know each other.

And a big thanks to the MAV for bringing the concept to Australia and the Department of Health for funding the Casserole Club project in Victoria.

Interview with the ABC’s Radio National:

Mark and Monique talk about the great friendship that has developed between them since they joined Casserole:

Video of how Casserole Club works:

Margaret and Kathy share their story and also give a great overview of just how Casserole works:

Kathy and Margaret have been sharing meals for 3 months now and it’s great to hear Kathy say of Margaret “She makes me laugh so it’s always nice to see her”.

Inspired by Kathy and Margaret? Find out more and sign up to Casserole Club Australia at

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