Six Months in Australia…

“I joined casserole because our family likes home cooking and I believe it’s important for my children to develop a strong sense of community” – Monique, cook

“I couldn’t ask for a better person to be matched with.” – Casserole diner

“I joined the Casserole Club as I realised it matched my love of cooking with being able to help someone else. I’ve had great fun trying out new recipes to share.” – Casserole cook

These are just some of the reasons people enjoy being part of Casserole.


Woman delivering food to an older neighbour

Sharing a meal in Victoria, Australia.

We’re pretty excited to be celebrating 6 months in Australia. A massive thank you to the City of Boroondara , Macedon Ranges Shire Council and Moreland City Council for getting Casserole off to such a fantastic start. With over 160 meals shared already we’re looking forward to reaching even more cooks and diners around the country.

We already have people in more than 40 other areas of Australia signed up and waiting for Casserole to go live in their town or suburb. We’re hoping to be in more parts of Australia soon so if you’re keen to see Casserole set up in your local area register at so we know where you are.

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