Casserole celebrates four months in Australia by appearing on national radio

Casserole Club began in Australia four months ago, but sometimes it feels like much longer ago given all the great support the project has had from people all the way from Melbourne to Tassie to Perth to Queensland – basically all the way around Australia!

While we’re still trialling in the local Victorian Government areas of Moreland, Boroondara and Macedon Ranges we’re hoping to set up in other parts of the State, and country, soon. Get in touch if you’d like to see Casserole in your local area.

It’s been fantastic to get to know all of our cooks and diners over the last few months. Here are some links so you can share some of the great stories about people sharing meals and getting to know each other.

And a big thanks to the MAV for bringing the concept to Australia and the Department of Health for funding the Casserole Club project in Victoria.

Interview with the ABC’s Radio National:

Mark and Monique talk about the great friendship that has developed between them since they joined Casserole:

Video of how Casserole Club works:

Margaret and Kathy share their story and also give a great overview of just how Casserole works:

Kathy and Margaret have been sharing meals for 3 months now and it’s great to hear Kathy say of Margaret “She makes me laugh so it’s always nice to see her”.

Inspired by Kathy and Margaret? Find out more and sign up to Casserole Club Australia at

Job Opportunity: Be the beating heart of Casserole Club

Casserole Club Volunteers Week

Do you love food, your community and technology? Are you a born communicator – online, offline, face-to-face and the written word? If so, we need you to grow, support and develop the Casserole community.

You’ll be in regular contact with our cooks, diners and clients, travelling around the UK helping to kickstart Casserole across the country and possibly beyond. Working with an excellent team you’ll feed your discoveries into the ongoing development of the product and service we offer.

  • Term: Full time, 6 months contract (including 6-week probation), with the hope of a meaningful extension
  • Location: Casserole HQ is in London, near the Barbican. But you could be based down here or anywhere between London and Liverpool (travelling to London a couple of days a week, with the gift of a Casserole Club rail pass!)
  • Start Date: We are ready when you are… but very soon would be good
  • Salary: £20-25,000 (depending on experience)
  • Closing Date: Monday 22 December 2014

Read the job description and if you fancy your chances, email [email protected] with a CV and covering letter, or email [email protected] if you have any further questions.


Casserole Club Community Organiser


You will be the beating heart of FutureGov’s Casserole product. Working with local community groups and organisations you will help get people signed up to Casserole Club, and you will be a point of contact for our cooks and diners, answering their queries, supporting matching them up, and checking things are going well.

As we work with councils you will be helping them provide excellent customer service to cooks, diners and local organisations, training them in Casserole’s high quality standards and giving them the confidence to run the service.

Your job will be to help councils gather a local Casserole movement, advising on community engagement techniques and leading by example. You will feed what you learn back into the overall Casserole development process, translating from our customers into changes to the product.


  • Experience as a community organiser, convener, or similar
  • Experienced at innovative community engagement in a range of formats e.g. market stalls, workshops
  • Experienced at using social media for organising large groups toward action
  • Experienced at training and leading others in community engagement practice


  • Bright, lively and sociable: a natural connector and mobiliser
  • Able to talk to anyone and make them feel comfortable – from our older diners to our younger cooks
  • Able to communicate well with local community groups and make connections in a local area
  • Organised, methodical, professional: able to manage and coordinate large and complex events
  • Unflappable
  • Flexible and adaptive in your approach: able to work your way around obstacles
  • Confident on the phone
  • Excellent at written communication, especially on social media
  • Willing to use and learn a range of digital tools in your work


  • Community organising – getting people engaged and enthused to be part of a movement
  • Creating a program of engagement activities and supporting councils to make them happen
  • Sharing your knowledge, understanding and community contacts with councils to help them get Casserole off the ground
  • Training local organisations and councils in the high customer service standards of Casserole and helping them implement them in their locality
  • Offering ongoing excellent customer service to existing cooks and diners
  • Feeding into the overall development process of Casserole to make sure the voice of our customers is heard


Casserole Club is part of FutureGov. We are a tight team and want you to be willing to pitch in with other projects, work and events.

If you fancy your chances, email [email protected] with a CV and covering letter. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

How you can make #WinterWarmer for older people across the UK


Research from Age UK shows that people more than 50% of those over 80 years of age in the UK are lonely. This same research also suggests that malnutrition amongst older people is increasing. It is estimated that 1.3 million people aged over 65 suffer from malnutrition, which most of the time is preventable.

That’s why Casserole Club are calling on people across the UK to pledge to share a portion of good home-cooked food with an older neighbour this winter.

We want you to get involved and help make #WinterWarmer.

Casserole Winter Warmer Quote

You don’t have to cook a meal for an older neighbour, though it is one of the ways you can help. Calling round on an older neighbour or family member in the long dark evenings, offering to pick up the newspaper or shopping if it’s cold and icy out, or simply pick up the phone and see how they’re doing – just some ideas of how you can make winter warmer.

And don’t think that our diners (as we like to call them) will just sit back and take your cooking. They’ll make #WinterWarmer for you with their glowing welcome, warming friendship and overall good company.

Casserole Winter Warmer Quote

Take 92 year old Janet Oran, from Tamworth in Staffordshire, for example. She’s been regularly having meals prepared for her by Clare Bradford, when the pair were matched up as part of Casserole Club.

“This is a really nice project and I’m so glad I signed up to it. I don’t see as many people as I used to, so the visit from Clare every Wednesday with the dinner is great.  She is very friendly and always stays for about half an hour so we can have a good chat about what’s going on in the world.  Clare’s meals are lovely and it’s so nice to have one cooked for you.  I don’t mind doing myself a sandwich but cooking a hot dinner is getting more difficult for me and not really worth it when there’s only me.” – Janet, Casserole diner

“I think Casserole Club is a great project and it’s such a simple idea. I love cooking, but I always cook far too much so it makes so much sense to share any extras with people who aren’t able to cook for themselves. It also saves just eating the extra portions yourself just so you don’t waste them!” – Clare, Casserole cook

You can find lots more stories like this over on this new page that describes the story of a Casserole Club meal share.

The Casserole Club team will be sharing more ways you can help on the Casserole Club website, Facebook page and Twitter feed using the hashtag #WinterWarmer.

Join the campaign at and help make #WinterWarmer.

Casserole is heating up in Australia

Casserole Club Australia

A mealshare taking place in Casserole Club Australia

This week saw Casserole Club, our community meal sharing project, celebrate its one month birthday in Australia.

There’s no big birthday celebration planned, but the occasion did provide the perfect opportunity to look back at what’s happened since we took the magic of Casserole in the UK and made it happen in down under.

Despite some concerns about how “Casserole” would translate to an Australian audience (“Tucker Club, anyone?”), not surprisingly the love for Casserole out here is every bit as great as it is over in the UK.

Here’s what people have had to say about Casserole Club:

“The program is a great way to encourage more people to eat fresh and delicious meals and it also helps to tackle social isolation — strengthening community connections with every bite.” — East Ward Councillor Graham Hackett.


“I am a stay at home Mum. Apart from looking after my adorable 18 month old son, two of my favourite things are reading and cooking. I don’t have time/money nowadays to do things like give blood or regular volunteering, but I do love cooking hearty stews and soups, so was very interested to read about the casserole club as a way to help out in the community.” — New Casserole Club Cook

Here’s a rundown of the numbers, one month in:

  • Diners – 8
  • Cooks – 40
  • Mealshares – 2

As you know we’re live in 3 council areas at the moment – Canterbury and Surrey Hills – City of Boroondara, Brunswick in Moreland City Council, and in the town of Lancefield in the Macedon Ranges Shire – but we have already had people from 7 other areas registering as cooks, plus an enquiry from an interstate organisation.

It might not seem much, but it takes a lot of effort just to get the scheme up and running, making sure the right safety checks are in place and that we can recruit the right volunteers for the project. And there will be a heap more pair-ups and meal shares soon.

Facebook is starting to fill up with some nice posts from cooks with their meals and veggie gardens. Take a look and give us a like at

We’re also getting some nice local media coverage – here’s a summary:

So that’s a brief happy first month update. Thanks again for all the great support from everyone that made it happen. We can’t wait to see the community grow and grow!

Live in Australia and want to get involved with Casserole Club? Head to and sign up now!

Prepare to be Blown Away – Introducing the Caring Cooks of Jersey

A couple of weeks ago Melissa posted on our Facebook page to say she’d been inspired to start a similar community project in Jersey, after reading about Casserole in Waitrose magazine. After just a few months, Caring Cooks of Jersey has already grown to 40 volunteers cooking around 100 meals a week!

When Melissa first decided to start offering to cook for anyone going through a hard time, she was inundated with offers of help – and new people are still joining in every week. With so much help, Melissa was struggling to find people to cook for, and so got in touch with the local foodbank to offer meals to their community. This is now one of the main places the Caring Cooks support, allowing the foodbank to supply quality, nutritious, home-cooked frozen meals to their users, along with the normal food parcels – which is fantastic.

As well as the foodbank, the group have cooked for a women’s refuge whilst their kitchen was being refurbished, and regularly cook for a number of families – including a family of 7 where mum has serious heart problems and faces surgery soon.

The Caring Cooks’ Facebook group is full of posts that we can really only describe as heart-warming. It’s clearly a community of love, and also one that beginning to come together to do more than just cook meals.

A picnic in the park for everyone involved is planned for the summer, and they are beginning to run volunteer cooking days with local businesses. Cooks share recipe ideas, what they’re cooking, and are constantly lending each other equipment and donating food (a post today offers two chickens to anyone that can use them).

The whole of the Casserole team has been really touched to hear about the amazing work being done by the Caring Cooks of Jersey, and the fantastic impact they’re having on their community.

If you’re in Jersey and want to get involved, drop us a comment below, and we’ll put you in touch.

Keep up the good work, Caring Cooks!

Update: This post has sat in our drafts folder for a few weeks, and since we wrote it, the Caring Cooks have announced plans to start their own foodbank in partnership with a local community centre. How amazing is that?!

All photos from the Caring Cooks Facebook Group – thanks!

Happy Volunteers’ Week from Casserole Club!

Casserole Club Volunteers Week

Our Cooks are great and – as it’s Volunteer’s Week, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate the amazing work of the Casserole Club community to say a huge thank you!

So far, over 4,000 people across the country have signed up to Cook for older neighbours and we are constantly overwhelmed by their enthusiasm, generosity and kindness.

Casserole Club connects volunteers in the community (We call them Cooks) to older neighbours who would appreciate a home-cooked meal (We call them Diners). Cooks prepare a meal in their own home, popping a portion in a container and dropping it round later that day to an older neighbour we’ve matched them with.

Often our Cooks stay for a cup of tea and a chat too. It’s a great, simple way of getting to know our neighbours, sharing delicious and nutritious meals and encouraging lasting friendships within the local community.

Casserole Club has made a massive difference to the lives of people involved, inspiring both Cooks and Diners to eat healthy fresh meals.

As 71 year old Laurie says:

“Having Lyn (Cook) in my life has given me the impetus to eat better and nourish my body more, it’s great, i’m very grateful for this service”

But it’s not just about the food, new Cook Caroline who has just started sharing meals with Anna in Tower Hamlets says:

“Safe to say I think I have made a new friend”.

Despite leading a busy London life Caroline finds it relaxing to volunteer with Casserole Club as it gives her the opportunity to savour the simple things, encouraging her to make time to cook and enjoy sharing food with someone new!

So thank you to all of our amazing volunteers.

If you often have a spare portion of dinner and want to make a difference to an older person near you, how about joining Casserole Club rather than throwing it away?

You can signup online on the Casserole Club website.

Also if you know someone who might benefit from being a Diner with Casserole Club please do get in touch by emailing us at [email protected].

P.S. We’ve been nominated in the Tech4Good awards, so if you’d like to support our volunteers, please do vote for us as the People’s Choice:

Taste the Difference: Casserole Club featured in Sainsbury’s Magazine

Casserole Club in Sainsbury's Magazine

Could cooking up an extra batch of meat and potatoes help bring a smile to someone’s face?

That’s the question asked in a Sainsbury’s Magazine article featuring Casserole Club.

In a brilliant double page article called “Casserole Crusader”, journalist and Casserole Cook Becky Howard describes her relationship with her lovely Diner Louie, who she has been sharing meals with through Casserole since last year.

“With the focus on strengthening community bonds, getting more people eating fresh food and reaching out to lonely elderly people, it seemed like something I’d actually be able to incorporate into my life.

It would be easy to portion off a big meal to deliver to a neighbour. And I love cooking.

Inspired, I signed up.”

The article story goes on to explain how Becky applied to be a Casserole Club Cook and the process she went through before being matched up with her Diner Louie, so it’s a great read for anyone who wants to find out more about a new Casserole Cook’s experience.

We are always looking for new Cooks, if you want to get involved in Casserole Club, go to to sign up.

If you know someone who could benefit from a regular home-cooked meal in Staffordshire, Barnet, Tower Hamlets, Whitstable or Reigate & Banstead, drop us a line at [email protected] or call us on 020 3475 3444.

5 Ways To Help Get Casserole Club In Your Area

One of the most exciting things about running Casserole Club is hearing from the enthusiastic people like you who really want to help make Casserole happen in their areas.

We really want to grow Casserole Club to cover the whole country, but are only able to start up in one area at a time, rather than letting everyone sign up and take part straightaway.

While it’s great to have so much enthusiasm from great people like you, at the moment we can only start Casserole in areas where we have support from an organisation like the local council, NHS board, or a housing association. Taking an area-by-area approach also means we can reach those people that need Casserole Club the most, rather than spread ourselves too thin.

If you’re not in one of our live areas (Barnet, Tower Hamlets and Reigate & Banstead), there are a few little things you can do to help us get to where you are.

1. Sign up at

Make sure you’ve signed up at

When you sign up with your postcode, we can work out how many people are in each area of the country, which really helps us to get new areas signed up.

2.  Email your local councillors

Visit to find out who your councillors are, and tell them why you think they should bring Casserole to your area.

Perhaps you’ve noticed some of your older neighbours are isolated or at risk? Or feel that your area could do with its community spirit being bolstered? Or maybe you just want to share your great home cooking!

Whatever your motivations are, make sure you explain a little bit about what Casserole is, and tell them they can get in touch with us on [email protected] or 020 3475 3444 if they’re interested.

Oh, and make sure you let us know too – we want to make sure we say thank you :)

(Unfortunately we can’t give you a standard explanation of Casserole to send to your councillors, it would get picked up by the spam filters)

3. Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter

We’ve taken the liberty of suggesting a little something for Facebook or Twitter below, but don’t forget good old email or just having a chat!


I’ve just signed up to Casserole Club – a community meal sharing network that connects  you to an older neighbour who’d benefit from a home cooked meal and some company. Sign up at and hopefully you can get cooking soon!


Just signed-up to @casserole_club, a community meal-sharing scheme. Check it out and sign up too –

And while you’re there, don’t forget to like Casserole Club on Facebook or follow @casserole_club on Twitter.

4. Help us spread the word

If you’re particularly up for helping spread the word about Casserole when we are near you, let us know in the comments.

As soon as we have an inkling we might be coming your way, you’ll be the first to hear.

5. Keep in touch

If you’ve got any other ideas, thoughts or suggestions of people we should be talking to, please just drop us a line to [email protected] – we love hearing from you!

Want to see Casserole Club come to your area? Sign up now (and be sure to tell your friends to as well!).

“Happy Meals”: Casserole Club featured in Red magazine

Casserole Club in Red Magazine - Happy Meals

We are really excited that Casserole Club has been featured in March’s issue of Red Magazine, one of our favourite lifestyle magazines!

In a beautiful double page spread, journalist Natasha Lunn meets with our fabulous Cook Oruj and her lovely Diner Munna who have been sharing meals through Casserole since last year.

Here’s a sneek preview of the article to whet your appetite:

“Sharing food is, and always has been, a bonding experience. And as warm, spicy smells of vegetable stew waft around the room, the sociable and inclusive mood is infectious.

An hour into my visit, I realise the food on the table is just an incidental extra. For Munna, the benefits are obvious: something to look forward to, some company and, most importantly, ‘a chance to laugh’. I sense that she, like so many other elderly people, has stark moments of loneliness.”

The heartwarming story goes on to explain how Munna and Oruj (and her children) have become really good friends through Casserole Club, showing that there’s much more to a Cook and Diner’s relationship than just sharing food.

Read more about Oruj and Munna’s story on the Red magazine website: “Why you should volunteer for Casserole Club”

We are always looking for new Cooks, if you want to get involved in Casserole Club, go to to sign up.

If you know someone who could benefit from a regular home-cooked meal in Barnet, Reigate and Banstead, Tower Hamlets or Staffordshire, drop us a line at [email protected] or call us on 020 3475 3444.

New Video on Casserole Club and Food for the Elderly

Food For The Elderly - Watch Casserole Club

Beth Price from Bournemouth University has put together a brilliant video of Casserole Club as part of her Food for the Elderly project:

“British families throw away the equivalent of six meals worth of food every week, meals that could easily be shared with an elderly neighbour who struggles with cooking.

One London based scheme is determined to tackle the issue of malnutrition and isolation by bringing people together over food.

With the number of meals-on-wheels being delivered decreasing year by year community initiatives are becoming even more important and you can find out more about the work Casserole Club is doing by watching the video below.”

As part of the video, Beth interviewed Carrie Bishop, who helped start Casserole Club. Here’s what Carrie had to say about the project:

“We thought food is clearly a social object, it’s something that brings people together. Soe started to think is there a way for communities could cook for each other. We had the idea of Casserole Club and we started to test it out at bit. People really seemed to respond really well to the idea, which is why we decided to take it forward.”

As Beth mentions at the end of her video, if you’d like to get involved with Casserole Club as cook, or you know someone who would benefit from having a hot meal delivered to their door, then visit the website and sign up.

There’s no pressure for you to cook multiple meals, you can just cook and deliver one meal and leave the club again but if you enjoy it you can keep cooking for the same people as often as you would like.

Even if the Casserole Club isn’t in your area yet, you can still register your interest by signing up online.

Thanks for the great video, Beth!