A Reigate Meet Up

Come meet us and tell us your thoughts!

We spend a lot of time exchanging emails, phone calls, and texts with our members, but nothing beats face to face conversations. We’ve met many of our members face to face at events, talks, and market stalls when they were first introduced to Casserole, but there is such a huge value with continuing those real interactions as people discover and use the service – getting the feedback we need to improve. And unlike email, texting, and even sometimes phone calls, casual conversation often brings about realisations and comments that we could never grasp in a regular list of feedback questions – an opinion that was solidified with the conversations we had with the members who came to our Indian Cooking to Share cookery class the other week. These meets ups give us the opportunity to hear your thoughts and share our ideas for the future, but it also gets members together – more established members encouraging new members to get involved, telling the stories of why they joined, and meeting other keen home chefs in their area.

With this in mind, on Thursday, 9 August, Murtz and I (Rachel) will be settling into a table at Upstairs at  Urban Kitchen in Reigate from 6pm to 8pm to meet, and chat about your thoughts and opinions on Casserole.

Whether you can come for 15 minutes or an hour, if you are in the Reigate area this Thursday, it would be brilliant to see you!

Casserole Lunch and Learn, come and join us

We mentioned it last week, but here is the full flyer for our upcoming Casserole Lunch and Learn event in Redhill – doesn’t it looks nice? Check out the details below, and click on the flyer to sign up to attend.

We hope to see you there (and don’t forget a dish to share)!