Casserole expands to Tower Hamlets and Barnet, featured in Waitrose Magazine

At Casserole, the site that joins up people who like to cook with neighbours who could really benefit from a plate of delicious home cooked food, we believe that food should be something enjoyed and celebrated, and that nothing beats a fresh homemade meal.

After a six month pilot in Reigate and Banstead, we’ve learnt a lot and are now getting ready to launch the next phase in Tower Hamlets and Barnet, so even more people can join our growing community.

If you live in Tower Hamlets or Barnet and would like to Cook for an elderly neighbour who lives locally to you, please sign up as Cook at and we’ll be in touch soon with next steps.

We’d also still love for you to sign up even if you live outside of the current live areas, so we can gauge interest in new areas of the UK where Casserole might go next. Make sure to share Casserole Club with friends on Facebook and Twitter and get them to sign up too.

You might also have seen us in this months Waitrose magazine, which had an brilliant in-depth feature into what we’re up to with Casserole. Make sure to pop down to your local store for a copy, or take a look at the full article below.

Calling all Early Birds!

Do you like to try new things and be ahead of the curve? Do you also live in the Reigate and Banstead area? Then WE NEED YOU!

Casserole is launching its brand new website a week from today, Thursday 24 May!! We are looking for people who want to be the first in line to sign up and start sharing and ordering meals straight away! The new website will allow you to create a Casserole profile, search other cooks in your area, upload meals you are cooking and order locally cooked food (sound exciting? It is!).

We are working hard, finishing off all the details before going live first thing Thursday morning, but we want to make sure we have a brilliant group of people using the site from the very beginning. If you want to be one of the first to sign up to use the new site and live in the Reigate & Banstead area, get in touch any way you can (Twitter, Facebook, email hello [at], carrier pigeon, shouting from rooftops, you get the idea) and we will send you all the details you will need to get started!